Although our range is most popular with Health and Cosmetics industries our product has found an unusual niche in the farming community. There are a number of organic farmers who have found that our bitter fraction range aids them in ridding their livestock of internal and external parasite. For this purpose we provide the following products: Gel Powder (EOS/NOP or Conventional)
  • Pure Aloe Gel powder
  • Aloe Gel powder 200:1 – this is our Pure Aloe Gel powder mixed with one of the following carriers based on customer specifications:  maltodextrine; lactose; Purac (lactic acid); Raftilose (Inulen)
Bitter Fraction (EOS/NOP or Conventional)
  • Bitter spray-dried powder – unique in the world!
  • Bitter crystals lumps or milled to size based on customer specifications.
Juices and Gellys (EOS/NOP or Conventional) We have an amazing range of juices and gellys.
  • Reconstituted Aloe gel using our pure Aloe gel powder and/or Aloe gel powder 200:1.
  • Aloe gelly, pure or mixed with bitters, manufactured with our patented method.
  • Fresh Aloe juice, also produced by our patented method.
  • Fresh juice extracted from chips, with the bitter fraction washed out. This method is unique and patented.
  • Fresh juice pressed from the leaves with bitter fraction present.
Aloe Fibre (EOS/NOP or Conventional)
  • Aloe tea – Sap-free Aloe leaves are dried and crushed to create a unique and extremely healthy tea.
  • The leaves are washed clean of bitter fraction, dried and crushed according to customer requirements.
  • Pure Aloe gel fibre – Pure fibre is found in the gel in the centre of the leaf. This is pressed and the fibre is crushed to suit customer specifications.
All of these products are suitable in both cosmetic and health drink recipes. Our factory does mixing and blending according to customer specifications where possible. Our door is always open, should customers wish to discuss formulations and usage, or want to meet at our HQ for more information w.r.t. possible variations first-hand.


It has long been known that the Aloe ferox plants that grow in the wild, particularly those found between Mossel Bay and Riversdale, contain the highest concentration of Bitter Sap. Traditional tappers of this bitter Aloe ferox sap have always favoured Aloes from this area. The bitter crystal formed from the sap has been exported for many years.

The Aloe ferox used in our manufacturing processes grow naturally in the wild and in plantations that are not agriculturally maintained. Thus our plantations remain free of herbicides and pesticides. The harvesting process ensures the longevity of the plant. By harvesting the lower rows of the leaves every two or three years, mature leaves are used for production while the plant itself remains healthy and strong.


Leaves are harvested year-round. Great care is taken to ensure that our harvesting practices do not harm the plant or its ecological environment.

  • Only the bottom row of leaves is harvested from each individual plant.
  • This form of harvesting stimulates and ensures healthy growth in the plant.
  • With this method, we harvest mature leaves that contain the substance required for production.
  • We limit our supply area to the high quality plants found only in a specific geographical area, Mossel Bay, Herbetsdale, Albertinia and Riversdale.


Organic Aloe (Pty) Ltd. works with various companies in the formulation and production of health drinks.

The raw additives, Aloe ferox Gel Powder and Liquid Gelly may however be purchased separately and used in any number of formulations, based on your needs and product range.


Our two main raw cosmetic products are: Aloe ferox Gel Powder and Aloe ferox Liquid Gelly. 

These products are popular with cosmetic formulation companies because of the cleansing and moisturising properties of Aloe Ferox. Its soothing, non-inflammatory topical effect and high amino acid content make it ideal for a wide range of uses in the industry.  


Our raw products are applied to a vast range of the health and cosmetic products Aloe ferox possesses a large variety of amino acids which makes it ideal for this industry from capsulation to liquid health drinks.

The Aloe gel is used medicinally and in topical cosmetics for its soothing properties while the unique aloe polysaccharides boost the immune system. The soluble and insoluble fiber that is found in Aloe ferox also promotes normal digestive function.

Our bitter fraction products (Bitter Crystals and Bitter Powder) are also used by farmers to rid their livestock of internal and external parasites. This is particularly effective for those who farm organically.

Natural Healing:

Centuries before the healing properties of plants became popular on the world stage the indigenous people of Southern Africa made use of the Aloe ferox plant.  The ancient art of tapping the bitter sap from the leaves is still practiced and forms an important part of local tradition.

Today the Aloe ferox plant has been accepted world wide for its superior antiseptic, cleansing, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties. 

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