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1. What makes the Aloe ferox leaf so unique?

The Aloe ferox plant Derives its name from the ferocious thorns (ferox – Latin), that cover the leathery surface of the leaves. They serve to protect the life sustaining fleshy leaf from African Herbivores.

There are three sections of the Aloe ferox plant commonly used in the manufacture of health and skincare products…

  • The GREEN EPIDERMIS (skin) is dried and milled to produce a healthy tea and dietary fibre supplements.
  • The BITTER SAP, underneath the skin is rich in Aloin and serves as a natural antibiotic. The powder, crystals and tablets derived from it are a great anti-fungal and detoxifying agent.
  • The FLESHY FILLET at the core of the leaf is rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins, polysaccharides, enzymes and lipids. When processed into a liquid gel, these extraordinary properties are ideal for skincare products and health drinks.

2. Natural Healing – Does it work?

Centuries before the healing properties of plants became popular on the world stage the indigenous people of Southern Africa made use of the Aloe ferox plant. The ancient art of tapping the bitter sap from the leaves is still practiced and forms an important part of local tradition. Today the Aloe ferox plant has been accepted worldwide for its superior antiseptic, cleansing, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. What is the difference between Aloe vera and Aloe ferox?

“Aloe vera” as a generally inclusive trade term incorporates at least three botanically separate species, namely:  Aloe vera; Aloe perryl (Socotrine aloe) and Aloe ferox (the Cape aloe).

4. Why then is there a difference between the concentrated Aloe vera and the Aloe ferox powders?

At ORGANIC ALOE we believe that there is very little difference between Aloe vera products available in South Africa and our Aloe ferox counterparts. The location and the climate in which the plant is cultivated is what make the difference.

Most major manufacturers have perfected their production methods to the extent that they, like us, can produce a stable and pure aloe gel powder. ORGANIC ALOE does not believe that it is scientifically provable that one is more effective than the other.

It is important that the final product consists of a mixture of pure or genuine aloe gel powder and a necessary carrier. What matters most is the amount of genuine aloe gel powder in the product.

ORGANIC ALOE is quite happy to disclose the carrier and the mixture

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